NASA & Discovery: Solar Storm on 2012-2013

NASA & Discovery Channel: The Perfect Solar Storm 2012-2013 from Mario Märtson on Vimeo.

The clobal economy, health systems, communications and essentials like light and heat will all collaps if as scientists predict the earth is hit by the perfect Solar Storm. Solar Storms are nothing new, they hit earth every year, most of them are harmless.

In 1989 the Solar Storm hit Canada, they went from normal operating conditions to complete black-out of 6 mil. people in 90 seconds, they were lucky it only lasted about 9 hours. If the earth is getting hit by the perfect solar storm it’ll knock out every electrical system (every mayor city on earth). And the black-out could last for months or even years. The solar storms are hitting earth every year, it’s most powerful in every 11 years (the 11 year cycle is complete at 2012-2013). The biggest solar storm (almost perfect) has hit earth already on 1859 but it didn’t have much electric systems to damage other then a telegraphs (if the same one is going to hit us now, it could be end of the technology era and we would be set back hundreds of years).

The solar storm will frie power stations TRANSFORMERS (transformer is making high voltage power to normal power for consumers). If these transformers are blown up or damaged it could take months to rebuild them. We have 1000’s of transformers in the world but we have few factories to build them in this means the world could produce about 70-100 transformers per year and the black-out for poor countries could last years.

FACTS: The coverments are building emercency generators that will be used only for such disasters. Estonian coverment built a disel powered electric station to Kiisa that will provide Tallinn (capital) a 25% of the citys energy (2 billion EEK worth). Few weeks ago the parlament of Estonia bought a 8000 EUR worth diesel generator for the parlament building back-up energy.


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